Why Did Windows Vista Fail?

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I was reading an article entitled, “Mac fanboys should get a life and some Windows 7 common sense” today and came across a line that piqued my interest. The line was this: “Vista was a Windows failure.”

When I read that line, I stopped cold for a second or two. I started thinking and asking myself silly questions, like, “Gee, I’m working on Vista right now. What’s wrong with it?” and “Why is it that when ever I read something about Windows Vista, it’s negative?” and “Why do I feel like every computer I go near that has Vista installed on it is going to blow up like a giant stink bomb?” Seriously, I am typing on a machine running Windows Vista right this very moment and the world is okay.

I am not simply sticking up for Microsoft, although I was just saying a few days ago that it wouldn’t really matter what position someone takes, I am bound to take the opposite one. I am a debater by nature and right now Vista is the underdog. So there you are.

I will tell you this, I absolutely hate Internet Explorer. It doesn’t matter what version comes out, it pains me to open the program. Maybe it’s because it is excruciatingly slow. It’s not only slow to browse web pages, it’s also slow to just open and run. I read a comparison between the latest versions of IE, Firefox and Chrome the other day. They said that speed was generally the same among all three applications. My eyes nearly fell out of my head. I was like, “What planet are you from?” I only use IE for one thing now and I don’t look forward to it.

I also hate ActiveSync. I used to use it to sync my Treo with Outlook. It was such a waste of time. How many times can a person sever and restore the relationship between the phone and the computer? My fingers used to hurt from crossing them so much.

This brings me to the last thing (I think) I don’t like from Microsoft…and that is Windows Mobile. When I was using Windows Mobile on that Treo, I must have given that phone a hard reboot hundreds of times. It pushed me into the arms of Blackberry, where I have been warmly embraced ever since. I have had my Blackberry for about two years now. Do you know how many times I had to reboot the phone? Once. That’s right. I had to reboot the phone once since I got it and that was just last week and the problem wasn’t even with the phone. It had to do with a Google app that had a bug. Now that’s good.

So, back to my original question. What in the world is wrong with Vista? It is just that there were some compatibility issues when it first came out? Does it have to do with usability issues? Do people dislike the little box that pops up when they have to install or uninstall software?

Since I really don’t know the answer and really have only had a few problems with Vista, I decided to do a little Google search. Here are some sites that offered me some answers:

– The top five reasons why Windows Vista failed
– Microsoft admits Vista failure
Why Vista failed – suicide by not fearing Linux enough

I guess there are some legitimate reasons why people are a little ticked off. Especially when the company that made the software admits it didn’t work out. I seem to think they are just pumping up Windows 7 though. You know, if you say your previous product (which is naturally dying off soon anyway) was so bad, it makes people want your new product that much more. “Gee, this new Windows 7 must be really GREAT!!!” Honestly, if you want to beat up on a version of Windows, you should have beat up on Windows 98. I am still having shivers from that one. Want to talk about blue screen?

I gotta tell you something. Maybe a lot of the people who are complaining about Vista are open source users. Over the last year, I have actually transitioned myself to use more open source programs than traditional ones. Maybe that’s an exaggeration. I use a few though. I really like what I use. Most of them are smooth, lightweight, fast and have frequent updates. I can’t wait for the day that I have the guts to actually switch to an open source operating system. That probably won’t happen for some time because I am not one to sit and struggle with configurations or trying to see what works with what. I am impatient. If it doesn’t work quickly, it gets uninstalled.

Here’s a question – What has Vista done to you? I would like to hear from real people with real problems. I’m sick of the biased bloggers out there who now have a venue to talk smack. I don’t believe any of them. The problem is, many people do. So, let’s have it.

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  1. Brian says:

    I bought a new laptop a year ago with Vista on it. No problems yet.

  2. Jack says:

    I don’t know why all people dislike vista, I’m Running Vista Ultimate 64-bit and it runs like a charm, maybe it runs poorly for people who have rubbish hardware, but for me, it rocks.

  3. Jose Antonio Diaz says:

    Well, I just want to say Vista is not a bad version of Windows. Like Jack says, people with bad hardware are the ones who did not like it. You guys have to know that Vista requires good system specs. As far as a Vista user, it worked really good for me. I can say it’s better than XP.
    Currently I have Windows 7 Pro and I love it pretty much. But I would not be incommoded if I had to buy a new computer with Vista. I pretty much love both OS’. Hell, I would say to all you XP and Linux, just get over it! There are OS’ for all tastes and likes. And not because your computer did not run Vista, due to your system specs, doesn’t mean it’s a bad and unstable version.
    Windows is not the same and will never be the same. Get out of your comnfort zone, it’s 2011!

  4. Bryan Davies says:

    I bought a Dell XPS M2010 with vista on it. It took me two weeks to uninstall it and install Windows XP.
    Why? Vista was slow. Vista was my nanny. Vista couldn’t understand my VPN client for work. Vista kept pestering me with every manner of “this is not allowed” dialogue box that humans can image. The major issue however was that Vista put some kind of software barrier in between World of Warcraft and the machine, making my FPS run very slow.
    So i’ve been a happy XP user for the past 5 years and have removed Vista (and Windows ME mind you) from every computer that crossed my fingertips ever since.
    Lately I’ve taken a liking to Windows 7, 64 bit edition. This seems like a reasonable OS, and is much faster than Vista (and arguably nicely competitive with XP).
    My mantra was “Windows XP SP3 was the best OS Microsoft ever made. It might be changing soon, if W7 proves out.

    Microsoft should take a lesson from this. Try to tell your users what they are allowed to do with their own computer too much, and you will fail. Period.

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