Water in the Basement

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A day after we arrive here at the house, the seller came by for a visit. We had a nice long conversation about the area and the house. He informed us of the pros and the cons of both. Well, actually, the area really doesn’t have any cons, but the house does.

One of the things he primarily wanted us to be aware of was the water issue in the basement. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m no noob when it comes to basements. If I may even say so, I’m somewhat of an expert. A self proclaimed one of course.

The house has two sections of basement. The first section, and the section I thought was the one with the water problem has a poured concrete foundation and a poured floor. There’s a fairly shallow sump pump resting in the corner. I haven’t had a chance to see the sump pump in action until just a few days ago when we received almost two inches of rain. The same day the river swelled.

As you can see from the pictures below, the water creeps in from the corners, where the walls meet the floor.

Wet Basement

Basement With Water Problem

While that section of basement isn’t perfect, it’s also not horrible. The sump pump keeps things somewhat in check. It doesn’t help the moisture problem in the room directly above it, but we’ll take it as it is for now.

Like I mentioned above, there is another part to this basement. This next section is a crawl space that has a dirt floor. I wasn’t aware of the real water issue down there until that day it rained. And that day, the second section of basement filled up with about six inches of water. There is no sump pump in there. Why not? I’m not sure.

Before we got all that rain, and before I was aware of the water problem, I actually bought 100×10 feet of 6 mil plastic. I had intended on covering the dirt floor to keep the moisture down. I even covered the open section that connected the two basement section with plastic I already had. That small cover worked wonders for the condensation on the windows in the room above.

Covering Basement Section With Plastic

The real challenge I faced was what to do with the deep water and how to ultimately correct things so this doesn’t happen again. I needed a plan, which I’ll talk about in my next post. Oh, such drama.

Crawl Space Filled With Water

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    Your dad says it looks like you’ve been busy and it looks good!

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