Tony “The Gun” Bonello And Ryan On Bully Beatdown – MTV

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After Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory was over last night, we discovered a new and highly entertaining show…Bully Beatdown on MTV. Dude, this show is hot.

The whole thing revolves around a bully getting his butt whooped by some serious mixed martial arts fighter. Someone has to call the show and tell them they are getting harassed by a bully. Then, the show will come introduce themselves to the bully and offer up a fight. If the bully is tough and they think they have a chance (like they usually do), they accept the challenge for $10,000. I usually don’t like these fight shows, but since the bully is usually so into it, it’s pretty fun to watch.

Last night, this guy Ryan was paid a visit by Jason “Mayhem” Miller and offered a fight, which Ryan readily accepted.

When the time came to enter the cage and get down to business, Ryan held his own for the first match, but was forced to bow out after a kick to the ribs. During the whole show, I kept saying that I would have been out after the first minute. Hey, I’m no dummy…these guys are seriously tough. Ain’t no way I am fighting one of them.

So, this is going to be a new Sunday night reality TV show for us, I guess. Now, it goes Nitro Circus, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasty Factory and Bully Beatdown. Seriously good stuff.

Here are some vids I found.

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