North-South Escapes For Jiu-Jitsu

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I’ve been having a small problem while rolling lately and that problem is getting caught up being the bottom player in the north-south position. This usually happens towards the end of the night, when I’m utterly exhausted.

I’m pretty sure I got caught on Tuesday evening, as well as last night. When I’m out of gas, rolling with someone who’s heavier than I am and while I’m laying in a pool of sweat – yeah, I get really lazy and simply don’t have the energy to fight someone off who’s got their heart set on pinning me down vertically. And as you well know, north-south isn’t a position you want to get stuck in at the end of a tiring session of rolling. You’re most likely going to tap off of something or other.

What is it that Kurt Osiander says? “If you’re stuck in north-south, you screwed up a long time ago.” Something like that.

I know a few good north-south escapes and while I do find myself in the position during the scenarios I just described, I can generally get out of the mess I created. I do the, “bump up to get some space, slide both arms down towards my hips, place one on the side of my opponent’s head and the other holding his arm to the side, curl my biceps and swing my legs out and over. (first video)” That one works. I also like to slide an arm down and through to roll to my belly as well at the, “grab my opponent’s hips, push him away and bring my legs up and over to take back.” They’re all really good north-south escapes.

But, as you may well already know, if I find myself someplace unpleasant while rolling, I like to come home and study up on a whole bunch of opinion on the subject. I basically want to familiarize myself with that “world” more than I already am.

Last night, I asked myself if there were more north-south escapes out there. Obviously, the three I rely on more often than not aren’t the only escape that have been developed through the years. What are people doing these days? Because I’ll admit, I haven’t exactly focused my game on how to get out of north-south through the years.

I’m going to post a few of the more interesting videos I found. Some show escapes I’ve seen and some show escapes that are, well, how should I put it – creative. But before I list the videos, I’d like to ask you, what are you’re favorite north-south escapes? What’s your highest percentage one and which one do you rely on when you’re body’s got no more to give, but you’ve got to get out of the position? Please let me know in the comment section below. Thanks!

Spartan North South Escape with James “300” Foster

Pedro Sauer Move of the Month: June 2011

Kurt Osiander Move of the Week – North South Escape

And if you’ve screwed up too far and your opponent is going for a Kimura, here’s a good escape by Kurt. Check it out.

Kurt Osiander Move of the Week – North South Kimura Escape

If you’d like to read what people out there are saying about how to escape north-south, check out these sites.

Escaping Side Control

North South Escape Hermit Crab

BJJ’s North South Position

Side Control Transitions to North-South & Scarf Hold

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