New Cleveland Select Pears and Blue Spruces

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I feel like I am living a re-run here. I mean, I don’t mind planting the same trees as I did at the other house, it’s just repetitive, that’s all. I really do like watching them grow.

Yesterday, we went up to Lowe’s to return a bum flashlight I had bought the day before. I didn’t even notice the package was open when I bought it. It was obviously a return that was put back on the shelf. Whatever. I got a new one and it is wicked bright.

While we were there, Laura pointed out some $10 Cleveland Select Flowering Pear trees. I do love it when these trees are priced at, or around, $10. We grabbed five of them and put them on the cart. I also picked up eight Blue Spruce trees to plant in various places around the property.

Cleveland Select Flowering Pear tree
Cleveland Select Flowering Pear Tree

I decided to plant the pears up near the road in a row. I think they will look really good up there when they get larger, especially in the Spring, when they flower.

Blue Spruce trees
Blue Spruce Trees

These are a few of the Blue Spruce trees we got. I planted the other five up on the hillside. I mowed that sucker again yesterday and didn’t like it. If I could fill the whole thing up with pines, I would be happy. I am going to plant these three in the back somewhere.

I am fighting myself not to get in the car to go back up and get more of these trees right now.

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  1. Mom says:

    So are you going to use one of your blue spruce trees as your Christmas tree like we used to do?

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