Moose Tracks in Snow Country

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Since we arrived in Maine, we’ve had a sort of obsession with sighting a moose. We don’t want to necessarily bump into one while walking on a trail, but we sure would like to see one. As we are well aware, moose can be aggressive and unpredictable, so seeing one from afar would be fine with us.

Yesterday was a really great day for hiking in the snow. This past weekend’s temperatures were in the 40s during the day and 20s and 30s at night. This allowed for some snow melt and re-freeze, which was perfect for staying on top of the deep snow. Walking in the snow is difficult enough, and adding just one extra inch of softness beneath the foot can really break a day.

Ever since we took the hike up to the base of the mountain to look at the camp the other day, we’ve been interested in seeing what else is up there in the woods. I’m constantly on Google Earth trying to plot our next trip. Yesterday’s plan was to simply go a bit further up the Northern trail until we hit the river, look around a bit and then turn back. What we discovered after hiking for about an hour was a trail that was much longer than anticipated. I made the decision to go all the way, meaning continue through the whole 3 1/2 mile loop that would bring us back to our road. I have to say, I’m glad we didn’t wimp out because the scenery up there is stunning. I’m still in disbelief that this type of terrain is in our back yard. Literally, a few minutes on an ATV would bring us smack in the middle of endless trails for hiking and riding. And by endless, I mean that we could walk to Canada if we wanted to.

I’m going to post a few of yesterday’s pictures below. Take particular notice of the moose tracks we found. These tracks were ultra-fresh. I’m guessing the moose crossed our path just a few minutes before we arrived, judging by the condition of the snow. What a sight that would have been. A little freaky, but still cool.

Also, I do want to mention that being a few miles in the woods without another human soul nearby can be a bit unnerving. As much as I like to think I’m a rugged mountain man, I have to confess that there is still some getting used to the whole thing. The silence is awkward and just the fact that there’s no one to call if something happens can get to me. Needless to say, I pay close attention to my surroundings and am very careful where we go and what we do. For future hikes, I plan on being more equipped to defend against an animal that is either protecting its territory or looking at us as its next meal.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

Jay Walking Down the Mountain

This was the area we first began taking pictures. As soon as we came over the ridge, I was like, “Whoa.” And to think, we weren’t even planning on bringing the cameras. I wasn’t expecting to see mountains or diverse terrain.

Moose Tracks in Maine

Further down the mountain a bit was where we saw the moose tracks cross the snowmobile trail. It was shocking to say the least because I just assumed the local moose stories to be folklore.

Moose Print

Large Moose Print

These are pictures of a moose print. When we first took a few pictures, they looked big to us. Then, I realized there wasn’t a comparison picture, so I decided to use my foot to show you how big the print actually was.

Traveling Down Mountain

This is a ridge that leads down to a valley where the river crosses the trail. Right before the river, we made a right to continue around the long loop.

Snowmobile Sign

These signs are usually placed before and after a bridge that spans a small river. It’s just a reminder for riders to respect the fact that the landowner’s are allowing them to ride through their property.

Maine Pine Trees

Pine trees began accumulating in the valley close to the river. If there was more sun, I would have taken more pictures of the area because it truly is beautiful.

Jay Standing Above Valley

Laura took this nice picture of me modeling on the edge of the valley. This one is a keeper.

Winter Sun Through Trees

The sun and clouds were doing strange things yesterday and offered some unique shots.

Beautiful Valley in Maine

This is the beautiful valley I’m talking about. Kind of hard to believe I can walk out our front door and hike there in less than an hour.

Spotted Maple Trees

Towards the end of our hike, we passed a small area that held oddly spotted Maple trees. It was a small area, which made for a nice picture.

Hiking Trail Map

This is the route we took yesterday. Like I said, I estimate it to be 3 1/2 miles. But I’ll tell you, hiking it in the snow sure felt like 10. Thank you Google Earth.

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