How Many Tons Of Wood Pellets Do I Need For Winter?

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That’s a pretty good question. I thought four tons was more than enough. I think that’s 200 bags. Here’s the kicker…it’s February 22 and we only have 30 bags left.

Wood Pellets

In the last house, I bought two tons per season and we had about a half of a ton left over towards the end of winter. This time, we get four tons and will run out in early March? What gives?

Well, first of all, the last house was smaller. Second of all, we didn’t run the stove all day while we weren’t there. I don’t think there is a third of all.

Since I am a man of many plans, I devised one to handle this situation. Next week some time, I am going to run out to Home Depot to get 10 bags or so of wood pellets. That should get us through most of March. Then, we’ll just burn wood in the fireplace as the temperature gets warmer outside. For next season, I am going to buy five tons of wood pellets (and not give any away to my brother).

How many tons of wood pellets do you usually use?

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  1. Brian says:

    I use roughly 5 tons a year for 2000 sq. ft. house where the pellet stove heats the house exclusively. We shut it off during the day while we are both at work in an effort to save pellets. By the time I get home from work around 4pm, the house is 67-68 degrees and I turn the stove back up just a bit raising the temp to about 71. Doing that everyday, we still use 4 1/2 to 5 tons a year.

  2. Maplewood Property Care says:

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    1 Ton of Premium Quality Wood Pellets $299 + Delivery

  3. Don says:

    We use 3 Tons for the winter season in Southern NH using a 45 BTU Avalon Astoria wood pellet stove to heat our Split Entry which is 1100 square feet upstairs but we also heat the basement where the stove is installed so that makes approx 2000 square feet. We run the stove on low all day and night on the cold winter days and we have a timer to come on early in the morning for the late fall and early spring. The Stove was installed in the Middle of the basement in the middle of the house with 2 registers above ducted to the kitchen and living room using 6″ duct work with a fan installed in the duct work as well as a doorway fan in the door to the upstairs. The basement is heated between 80 and 85 degrees while the upstairs is 70 -72 degrees and slightly cooler down the hall in the bedrooms. In this installation no oil heat is ever needed!

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