Installing a St. Croix Prescott EXL Pellet Stove

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Well, the guys came over yesterday to install the new St. Croix Prescott EXL pellet stove. As you might recall, our previous pellet stove was a Harman P38. I was a little nervous about switching brands because I had gotten used to Harman. Also, Harman has very good reviews. The reason I couldn’t get a Harman this time is because they are all backed up and we may not have even gotten one this season.

It took the installers about 3 hours to finish the installation. When everything was in, they fired it up to make sure everything was working properly. One of the installers noticed one issue…the auger wasn’t turning, so no pellets were falling into the burn pot. the auger motor was working fine, just not the auger itself. We made an appointment for the service guy to come out today. By the way, I could have fixed this. It was easy. I actually was almost done fixing it when the doorbell rang. That’s me beating my chest.

Today, the repair guy came out and fixed the auger issue. The small set screw on the auger shaft wasn’t tightened properly, so it wasn’t catching on the auger motor.

I must say, this unit is very nice. It has auto-light, which was very important. I am going to hook up a thermostat, so the pellet stove can shut down and start up on its own. Also, the auger and fan is much quieter than the Harman. The whole system just seems to be more elegant. For a few hundred bucks more, I am happy that I went with this model.

Here are some photos…

St. Croix Prescott EXL pellet stove

St. Croix Prescott EXL pellet stove control panel

St. Croix Prescott EXL pellet stove inside venting

St. Croix Prescott EXL pellet stove outside venting

What’s nice is that the outside venting is under the porch. The necessary clearances are 24″ away from the porch and 12″ off the ground. Also, since we used the fresh air kit, the clearances from windows and doors is only 9″. I would say that’s one of the huge benefits of pellet stoves.


Donna Atkins says:
November 9, 2008 at 8:33 pm

I have a st. croix just like your’s, but am having a problem with smoke in the house.
It was just installed last week and I cannot burn it.
A St. croix rep. is suppose to come out tomorrow and take a look. we’ll see if he makes it…
They sure do make you argue with them alot before they move.
At the moment I am not happy at all.Good luck to you with your’s.
jayadmin says:
November 9, 2008 at 9:46 pm

I actually like this stove very much. It has some things I like better than our last stove, a Harman. I especially like the top feed. It keeps the burn pot nice and clean. I also like the heat tube puller thing. That helps very much.

Did you buy your stove at a dealer? Shouldn’t they be the ones coming out to check it over? I had an issue and the dealer came out to take care of it.
November 10, 2008 at 9:06 pm

Hello, I am looking into buying a slightly used EXL from a dealer. The stove supposedly was only burned at a trade show a few times, some parts were robbed for another stove but will be replaced before I buy it. It appears to be in very good condition. Full warranty included. I purchased a Fahrenheit pellet furnace that I am waiting for, this stove would be for my living room, more for asthetic reasons than anything. The dealer is asking $1600.00 He also has a Auburn, identical to the EXP model but set up for corn but will burn pellets with a different burn pot. Asking $1900.00 for this one, same details as EXL. I currently have a lennox whitfield profile 30 fs.
Good stove but getting old.

What do you think of these stoves.
Julie says:
December 6, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Black soot an on going problem, cant get white fly ash anymore. Finally shut it down in frustration. I have 4 tons of pellets sitting….Spend about 2 hours per week cleaning.
Everything is working. It worked great for the 1st 2 years any suggestions? Yes we cleaned the chimney & had the stove professionally cleaned…still black soot. Tried ALL the suggestions, new brand pellets, clean clean clean, burn on high, clean chimney. Don’t need outside air very very drafty basement windows & door. ANY SUGGESTIONS would be appreciated. btw if you call St Croix/Even Temp they say call the dealer…dealer just keeps making suggestions, all of which we have tried. I would not recommend this brand. Poor service, high maintenance Poor warranty. really frustrated.
Jane Eastman says:
December 5, 2012 at 6:01 pm

Looking for a good price on a prescott exl pellet stove-we have been offered a slightly used one and are wondering what the cost of one is when its sold new. Have tried in vain to search the net and can’t get a price on a new one. Help!!!

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