Hiking a New Snow Trail

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We were fortunate enough to enjoy the company of Laura’s brother this past weekend. He came all the way from New York up to Maine to do a little hiking and to visit a sugar house with us for Maine Maple Sunday. I’ll talk about the sugar house in my next post. Right now, I’d like to tell you about a new and magnificent snow trail we discovered while showing off our “luge” style trail that leads down to the river and bridge.

We brought Laura’s brother down to the bridge. There wasn’t much visible water running because of all the snow and ice, but there was a nice gusty breeze rolling through that knocked most of the snow off the large pines that covered the trail (while we were under them). As the wind came through, it felt as if we were stuck in some sort of a blizzard. This made things exciting during our hike.

I think the plan was to show him only the river and bridge. But as we hiked and after we spent a few minutes down at the bottom of the trail, we agreed that following the river up along another trail might be fun. We still had some sunlight and we pretty much knew where we were. If we got lost, we’d backtrack all the way to my truck. Luckily the entire trail turned into a big loop and brought us back there anyway.

I am going to post a few pictures below, but I want to tell you that this trail was the closest looking thing to Narnia that I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing it was because of the recent snowfall clinging to the tree branches. That, along with the powder on the ground and the time of day made it…how did she explain it? Ah, “magical.” It sure was magical back there and I can’t wait to show our other friends what we’ve found. Enjoy the pictures. (PS – hiking in the snow is really fun.)

The first two pictures are of parts of the trail we hiked. As you can see, the conditions were right for a good time.

Groomed Snow Trail Through Forest

Snow Covered Trees in Maine

If you were curious, this is what I look like when I walk through the woods.

Jay Hiking Through Woods

I recently purchased a huge survival knife. I like to wear it on my belt when I go hiking. I’m thinking that it’ll help protect us from a moose. In the case below, I’m demonstrating my knife’s ability to chop down a tiny tree. I got half way through when the little tree fell over and tore in half. What a knife.

Using Survival Knife To Cut Tree

Tree Cut With Survival Knife

I think these holes were made by a woodpecker. If not, I’m at a loss.

Woodpecker Holes in Tree

Lastly, this is the trail we hiked. Unless you’ve been here, you will probably find this useless. Perhaps Steve will enjoy it.

Maine Trail Hike

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