Driving Through The Car Wash

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Rarely, have I seen such a dirty car. I mean, I have seen those trucks where someone drew “WASH ME” on the back lift gate, but still, my car was pretty dirty.

Today, we had to run out to get a few items at the store. I have been meaning to wash the car for some time, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I figured that since we were out and going to be passing a car wash, what better time to get it done.

Do you agree that driving through a car wash is like one of the most fun things you can do? I think so. It really is. There is nothing like the feeling of driving a filthy car through the car wash and feeling those but sponges whack the car from all angles. This time, I wanted the rims cleaned the most. The new brake pads made a mess of things, not to mention all the dirt and salt all over the rest of the car.

About half way through the wash, I gasped and totally remembered that I had the camera in the back seat. I reached behind me, grabbed the camera, turned it on and started clicking away. I really wish that I had the video camera, or at least more battery life in the regular camera. I think getting a video of going through a car wash would be the coolest thing to post. I’ll do it next time.

For now, all you get is a few photos of the second half of the car wash.

The wax starting inside the car wash

The last spritz of the car wash

Water running off the waxed windshield

A clean car feels so good

Driving through the car wash

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  1. Brian says:

    Driving through a car wash is fun. Driving through a car wash with a toddler in the back seat that has never been through a car wash is even better. Seeing the child look around and wonder just what in the heck Daddy has gotten them into now is darn funny.

  2. Paul says:

    Once when I was going through one of those automatic car wash things, I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing…

    Right before we got on the track, the guy who was running the thing yelled at me “NEUTRAL NO BRAKE” with some kind of thick accent. Anyway, I took to his meaning and put the car in neutral, the chain thing grabbed it, we lurched forward and into the wash.

    Now, I was talking to my then girl friend. As you know, any conversation takes all of my brain power, so I wasn’t thinking of anything else and for some reason, I put my foot on the brake. We were in the middle of the wash and there was an almighty “BANG!”

    The whole system slowed and stopped and we sat there looking at each other, then through the soapy windshield this face appeared and screamed “NEUTRAL NO BRAKE!!! NEUTRAL NO BRAKE DAM-NIT!!!”

    I took to his meaning and took my foot of the brake. The system started up and we finished the wash without further incident.

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