Canoeing Down The Farmington River

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Now, this was fun.

We have had this little adventure on our list since last Summer. Finally we got up to New Hartford, CT for some canoeing down the Farmington River.

There are a bunch of places you can canoe, kayak or tube on the Farmington River, but since we really have zero experience with canoeing and the river itself, we figured it would be a good idea not to get fancy and just stick to a rather simple trip, departing from the “half way point” and ending up back at the place we rented the canoe from (Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks).

Main Stream makes it really easy for you. You show up, pay them $55, hop in the van and get dropped off six miles North with two life vests, two paddles and one canoe. Slide the boat in the water and off you go. The full trip is twelve miles, but since the six mile trip was supposed to last 3-4 hours, we felt that this was the one to take. It ends up that it only took us an hour because we were paddling, but I think if you just sat there and didn’t do anything, it would take the full time.

The lower section of the upper Farmington River (the one we went on) had class one and two rapids. I don’t know what that means, but there were a few points that we found pretty interesting. Looking back, those were the fun parts. Laura sat in the front and I sat in the back, so she got most of the action. I actually ate half of my Subway sandwich while she was trying to keep her cool. Of course, I ate during the serene parts and I kept offering to hand up her salad, but nooo, she had to keep a look-out for rocks. she did a splendid job of navigating.

I took lots of pictures, but had to keep stuffing the camera back in my bag whenever the water got faster, thus not many pictures of rapids. I think I got one of some faster flowing water though. I also had to keep the boat steady because I didn’t want to tip over. If we did, then my bag would get all wet and our food would get ruined. We couldn’t have that happen.

The next time we go up there, we are going to try to get some other people to go with us. We are going to do the full twelve miles (there are more rapids on the upper half) and we aren’t going to bring anything with us. All I will have is my cell phone in a zip-lock bag.

Here are some pictures I took of the trip. Of course, I forget to get any of the actual canoe or the place we rented it from. Oh boy.

Heading back to Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks on the Farmington River

Canoe drop off point – mid point – of the upper Farmington River

Fly fisherman on the Farmington River

Water getting faster while canoeing down the Farmington River

Black Bridge Road crossing the Farmington River

Paddling on calm water on the Farmington River

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