Black Rat Snake Eggs – Elaphe Obsoleta

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Well, well, well…guess what I found.

Today, I decided to venture outside into the wall of humidity to dig up and re-plant some rhododendrons. We had a few here and there that needed to make their way up the hill for a nice rhododendron line in the front. I think it will look very nice, come Spring.

Anyway, enough about that. Upon digging my second hole for the rhododendron, I discovered about four white oval things sitting approximately six inches beneath the dirt. I thought they were bird eggs. I left them there and went inside to tell Laura about my find. I knew she would get up and research what they were for me. She enjoys that kind of stuff.

I went back outside and took a few pictures of these things and then covered them back up. I had a feeling they weren’t bird eggs, but turtle eggs. I planted all the rhododendrons and then went back inside.

After I showed Laura all the sweat on my face, she revealed to me that I had just stumbled across Black Rat Snake Eggs. For photos of these creatures, click the link above. For photos of Black Rat Snake Eggs, look below…

Black Rat Snake Egg

Black Rat Snake Eggs

Good thing I covered these eggs back up. I did have a strange feeling something was peering out from the woods…straight at me…

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