Another Foot and a Half of Snow

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It was all good up until yesterday. We’ve had some pretty nice weather round these here parts. There were days where the sun was shining and the temperatures we in the mid-forties. I actually thought we’d see some snow melt before our guests arrive for Maine Maple Sunday. It was the icy driveway I was most concerned with, but I suppose that’s a non-issue now.

It began snowing yesterday morning. The weather folks called for anywhere between 18 and 24 inches. As of right now, I can’t really tell you how much we actually got because the wind pushed things around quite a bit. What I can tell you is that we gotta whole lotta snow out there.

Laura and I tried to keep the driveway shoveled as best we could as the snow was coming down. And good thing we did because the first three inches were wet. It was warm yesterday and if we had left that snow on the driveway, I have a feeling that today’s cleanup would’ve been much more difficult because of that soon-to-be frozen layer down below. The temps dropped below zero last night and right now, it’s bitter outside.

The pictures I’m posting span the entire storm. Some were taken about an hour after it started snowing yesterday all the way through up until just a few minutes ago. The good news is that I had a few friends help out with the cleanup this time. Friends with machines. You’ll see.

Knocking Snow Off Bent White Birch Tree

Almost immediately after it began snowing, we noticed that virtually all of our white birch trees started bending down towards the ground. I went outside and tried to get them to stand straight again by hitting them with the roof rake. You should have seen it – as soon as I knocked a bit of snow off – WHOOSH – back up straight.

Back Yard During Snow Storm

Laura took this picture from an upstairs window just after things got started. It’s kind of a before shot. You can see that all the wet snow stuck to the trees pretty good.

Pulling Snow off House Roof

Since I was already out there, I decided to start pulling the early layers of snow off the roof of the house. I’ll tell you this – it wasn’t easy. Not only do the shoulders become very tired, the legs do as well because of the stomping through everything that’s already fallen.

Bent Tree From Snow

Pond Covered With Snow

White Birch Covered With Snow

Lonely Apple Tree Covered With Snow

Wire Fence During Snow Storm Vulcan

After I made my way to the back shed and cleaned it off a bit, I realized that some pretty good pictures could be taken in the rear area of the cleared property. I ran back inside, grabbed my camera with the wide angle lens and ran back outside to snap away. What I managed to get is the five pictures above. You can tell that they were taken with the wide angle lens. Well, the distance ones anyway. Just more snow and bent trees.

Jay and Steve Shoveling and Snowblowing Driveway

This morning, my buddy Steve offered to stop by with his snowblower to help out with the clean up effort. After spending just a few minutes outside trying to shovel, I was like, “Yeah dude, get your ass over here.” No argument there. It only took him about ten minutes with the blower to do the whole driveway. I think I’m going to get one of these things for next Winter.

Heavy Machinery Moving Snow

Just a few minutes ago, I was doing some light shoveling when I noticed Chad from up the road moving some of the snow at the end of our driveway. Man, what a help that was. I was just about to go out there too. I hate the end of the driveway. He moved almost the entire pile and then some with his big machine. Nice to have friends.

House After Snowstorm Vulcan

And here we are again after the latest snow storm. They are calling this one “Vulcan.” Yes folks, they have begun naming these things.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Man, I don’t know how you stand it. We’ve been looking at the same foot of frozen snow here for a few weeks and I’m so sick of it. You always liked winter and stuff like that so you are in your glory. I can’t believe you were complaining about cleaning off the roof. You’re getting old. The Jay I know would have been up there PUSHING it off – bare handed!

    • Jay Gaulard says:

      It’s a real pain getting the snow off the roof. All it takes is a few minutes and my shoulders are dead. I helped a friend clean off a camp roof this morning and that was very tiring. Good stuff though. We both agreed that we really were in our glory (as you said) for being up here in all this snow. This is why we moved here and this is why my buddy is so happy to be here.

  2. Stephanie H says:

    Vulcan huh? That’s pretty bad that they got that far in the alphabet. What a crazy winter it has been.

    • Jay Gaulard says:

      I am not pleased with the naming of these storms. I never liked the way they do that. I think by doing this, and seeing this, you may turn into a herb.

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