A Very Bright Moon

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Did anyone else see the moon last night? I wanted to grab a photo, but gave up because I knew it would never work.

Lately, we have been walking after dark. While this is not the safest thing to do, it’s nice because it’s peaceful. 20 degrees during the day is the same 20 degrees at night, so it really doesn’t make too much of a difference when we walk during winter.

On our way back last night, we rounded a bend and I saw my shadow on the road. The road was all lit up, which struck me as kind of odd, because I didn’t remember seeing a street light around anywhere. When I looked back to look for the light, all I saw was the moon. Holy smokes.

I informed Laura of my discovery and she was just thrilled. Eh hem. Yeah right. I got more of something like, “Oh really?” She is so polite.

I just want to say that last night had the brightest moon I have ever seen. Later on in the night, when I was looking out the window to the backyard, I saw all the oak tree branch shadows very clearly. The snow made it even more pronounced.

I think aliens may have something to do with it, but you didn’t hear that from me.

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